Written by John Potts


Cancellation Fee. We remain committed to not applying a late notice cancellation fee, with the exception of those clients that do not show up for appointments. The no-show client is under no obligation to pay this fee, however, they will no longer be permitted to book future appointments with us.

Online Cancellations. The ability to cancel bookings is not available within 24 hours of your booking. You must call (07) 3381 9507 or 0402 869 215 (or text) to cancel or move your booking.

Permanent Bookings. A client with a permanent booking who regularly cancels their booking at late notice (within 24 hours of their booking) will forfeit their permanent booking status. The appointment may then be offered to another client who is on our permanent booking waiting list. This decision is at our full discretion.

General Bookings. Cleints who regularly cancel bookings at short notice, or fail to show for bookings, will be placed on a 'Book on the Day Only List' and their ability to book online will be cancelled. 

We will be strictly adhering to this policy as late notice cancellations, or no-shows, have a significant impact on our ability to continue the full time employment of our therapists. We are a service based business and we are required to still pay therapists if you cancel at late notice or fail to turn up for appointments.
































































































































































































































































































































































































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