Written by John Potts

Christmas / New Year Trading Period
John, Paula & Damien will be working over the 2016 Christmas / New Year period with the exception of the Public Holidays. The online booking diary is updated through to the end of February 2017. Bookings can be made online at:

Last Trading day prior to Christmas is: Friday, 23rd December 2016

Trading days between Christmas and New Year is: Wednesday, 28th - Saturday, 31 December 2016 - John, Paula and Damien Only.

2017 Trading starts Monday, 2nd January 2017 - John & Paula Only.

Courtney will be on annual leave during the period 23rd December 2016 to 08th January 2017 inclusive.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from John, Paula, Courtney and Damien. If you are travelling please be safe and we look forward to seeing you in the 2017.

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