Isagenix Nutritional Cleanse/Weight Loss

30 Day Nutritional Cleanse – Isagenix – John & Paula Potts

This is not just a weight loss system; it is a complete health system.

We were introduced to the Isagenix System by Sarah Maxwell (international Volleyball Player) and Natalie Cook (Olympic Gold Medallist and 5 Time Olympic Beach Volleyball Player) in May 2014. Given their credentials we didn’t hesitate trying the program – what happened in the 30 days is far beyond our expectations.

We commenced the 30 day nutritional cleanse in May 2014 and I lost 7.2 Kgs (8.5 cm around the waist) and Paula lost 4 Kgs (Paula didn’t do it for weight loss but was wearing size 12 jeans and now is in size 9). It was like someone had switched a light bulb in our bodies after 12 days and the results speak for themselves. I have attached a copy of my pictures and story for you to review – amazing results and inspired me (at 53 years of age) to change my health. As you know we run a small business which can be extremely stressful – our stress levels have reduced dramatically in line with my increased health and I have energy levels can’t recall having for decades. In addition to the weight loss I gained lean muscle mass reduced my 5 km Treadmill run time during the 30 days from 32m 35s to 27m 47s to 24m 07s (now down to 23m 50s) – that is a 5 minute drop which is impressive and provides a great testimonial . I am now consistently running distances up to 15 Kms.

The program also offers a maintenance component so maintaining weight loss is also a primary focus of the program – in the 12 weeks of maintenance since the 30 days have been completed I have lost an additional 4.2 Kgs (makes 11.4 Kgs since commencing); and Paula has lost another 2 kgs. Whilst the maintenance is set up for you initially you have full control of the ordering process. I have tried and seen many systems but this has the full package to support you beyond reaching your goals – my/our results speak for themselves. My Day 1 – Day 30 – Day 73 Photo’s are attached.

It's a nutritional cleanse and so not about deprivation or dieting; it's about quality nutrition arriving to your door. Isagenix has a Health Blog that provides all the information you might need or questions you might need answering – the link is:

The following video’s are also worth watching:

‘Are You Toxic’:

‘Isagenix blood cells before and after’:

Why Isagenix:

For the fitness conscious/athletes: ‘Team Isagenix’:

The cost of the 30 Day System is $590.24 (a little under $20.00 a day and most people save that on groceries and take away foods) which replaces 2 meals and snacks.

If you have someone who wanted to do the cleanse with you (it is great to have a cleansing buddy) and it is ordered at the same time you get an $80.00 rebate. If you had two other who wanted to do the cleanse with you (this is called YOU+2) and it is ordered in the same week you get a $370.00 rebate. If they had others in the same week they get the same rebates.

If you want more information then please do not hesitate to contact John via email: or via his mobile: 0402 869 215. We can also add you to the Ready2Cleanse Facebook page if you wanted more information and to check out people’s success stories, pictures and the file information. We will only add you with your permission and you would need to like us on Facebook: John Potts Optimal and Paula Potts Optimal.

This is not a program that can be SOLD as it requires you to make a commitment to the 30 days (and beyond) and see it through to get the full health benefits. Our approach with this is to OFFER and SUPPORT those who choose to proceed. This is an amazing system but can only give results if followed as advised.


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