5 Stars

Deb Harriss

I was so fortunate to get an appointment with Damien on Tuesday. I was in a lot of pain with my back. It now feels 100% better. Thanks so much Damien.

5 Stars

Patricia Herrmann

I love the way your company supports your team, it is always refreshing to hear the strong and positive respect you all have for each other.

On another note

I love coming to Optimal, I feel very welcome by all the staff. I have built a great relationship with Courtney. Every fortnight after a session with Courtney I leave with my mind and body feeling relaxed. I can’t wait for my next appointment.

5 Stars

Sue Fulford

I am so impressed with the program and service of both ‘Robert Libeau Personal Training Services’ and ‘Indulge Your Body’ that I have decided to continue with the ‘KickOn’ program so I can continue to get the optimal results from the wraps, massage and Rob’s personal training sessions.

5 Stars

Mark Weaver

I know without the support and the treatments I have received from John & Paula I would be in a different position than I am now. With their help I can train harder and more often; I can perform on the water stronger and know that I will recover faster; whilst other struggle to back up physically I race the second day as the first.

5 Stars

Darren Hillier

I would certainly recommend to anyone dealing with poor flexibility following serious injury to trust John and Paula Potts, and take on their advice and treatments that they recommend, especially the Formostar Infrared Body Wraps.

5 Stars


I have noticed a decrease in pain levels and I feel more upright and have heaps more energy. I don’t like my neck but I didn’t realise how much emotion is tied up in my neck. As I have felt more upright I have felt happier and more positive. I have more energy walking and going to the gym and am so much happier within myself. I feel so much more relief – I have gone from being as tight as a ball to being more normal.

5 Stars

Kellee Dunn

Just had the most amazing massage that has started to heal 10 years of pain!! Feeling like a whole new woman, I can't thank you enough Paula. Posted on Facebook 5th September 2012

5 Stars

Sue Galton

My first treatment from Paula with SCENAR and Remedial Massage literally changed my life. I barely made it up the stairs as I was in so much pain; bent over like I was 90 and unable to walk without a walking stick. I had been this way for four years. After an hour of treatment from the lady with the healing hands and I walked out of there normally. No stick, back and body straight, and in so much less pain. My fiancé was amazed when I walked down the stairs normally. I have continued the treatments and I am continuously improving. I actually wandered around the markets for a few hours on the weekend and can walk my dogs again. I highly recommend Paula and the entire staff at Optimal Natural Therapies.

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